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AI is becoming the most sought-after skill in the job market.

Join a live program and learn with tech experts in AI and data.

Get the knowledge, practice, and network you need to land your dream job as a data scientist or machine learning engineer.

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Live Online Bootcamp

Learn from anywhere, Every week, with 3 hours of immersive live courses with experts on data science & machine learning.

Practice your skills

Work with others, validate your skills and put them into practice.

Micro classes

Join a micro-class of up to 10 people. Because we aim to make the best online learning experience you can get!

Part-time training

Our part-time program is an immersive 6 weeks training. You'll jumping into 3 hours live classes, split between Monday and Wednesday, and 3 hours of exercises every week.

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Negar Vahid, Lead Teacher
4 weeks part time

Python Essentials for Data Science

November 9 to December 3
Fancy using data science in your career and don't know where to start? Build a strong foundation in Python.
18 reviews
Amric Trudel, Lead Teacher
8 weeks part time

Practical Data Science

November 15 to January 21
Practice and gain strong foundations in data science and machine learning. Turn raw data into useful insights.
32 reviews
Camille Van Hoffelen, Lead Teacher
6 weeks part time

Modern Deep Learning

December 13 – January 21
Power-up your machine learning skills. Discover, practice and work with the most popular models in the industry.
5 reviews

Meet the community

Alumni, students & teachers are the heartbeat of the Jungle Program community.
Graduates are data scientists, machine learning engineers, full-stack developers and CTO of startups.

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