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Negar Vahid

The Practical Data Scientist is an amazing course which set the foundation of Machine Learning for me. The course material is super engaging, tasks are practical and fun to do, and the instructor has made the course easy to work on. I started freelancing and establishing my own startup, all thanks to Jungle Program.

Negar Vahid

Founder at ElaraTech

Muhammad Bilal

Jungle Program's live course really took me to the next level. Even the most basic Regression Models proved to be more efficient and accurate than forecasting manually or over spreadsheets. Cammille's got a way of making things really simple and real fun.

Muhammad Bilal

Head of Tech at POD

Adrien Rahier

Jungle Program is an incredible community sharing the same sense of collectiveness, thoughtfulness & humility. My new positive morning routine is to start by checking our Discord and look who's there and what they are working on. When I have a technical question, I can always ask it on the #dev channel and it's likely somebody will have an answer for it.

Adrien Rahier

Developer at Circularize, prev. BBC

Isabella Brookes

Working and learning with Louis from the Jungle Program was a dream. Wonderful design and team lead, great communication and generally made the experience fun 🙌🏽. I'm really proud of what we created together.

Isabella Brookes

Freelance Software Engineer, prev. Booking.com

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Camille Van Hoffelen

Lead Teacher

Upcoming live training

A hands-on journey from raw data to useful insights

6-week data science training for busy developers & software engineers to practice and gain strong foundations in machine learning.

The course includes live practice of data munging, data exploration, and machine learning, using Python libraries like numpy, pandas, matplotlib, and sklearn.

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Learn-by-doing with a live bootcamp

Live Online Bootcamp

Learn from anywhere with Wi-fi. Every week 3 hours of immersive live courses with experts on Machine Learning.

Practice your skills

The assignments serve to synthesise the previous course content on your own, and put it to practice.

Micro class of 7

From our experience, 7 is the perfect class size for bringing aspiring data scientists together to learn with each other.

Part-time training

Our part-time program is an immersive 6 weeks training. You'll jumping into 3 hours live classes, on Mondays and Wednesday and 3 to 5 hours of exercises every week.

Course Syllabus

You will learn how to tame all types of data and reveal their secrets with Python 🐍

  • You will first learn to manipulate and visualise tabular, time series, image, text, and geospatial datasets.
  • Then, our first steps into Machine Learning: clustering, dimensionality reduction, and anomaly detection methods to level-up our exploratory data analysis.
  • Next, you will train on regression and classification models to implement predictive analytics.
  • Finally, you will learn to build powerful and accurate Machine Learning models by digging into practical evaluation and optimisation techniques.
  • At last, the final project will reinforce our new data science skills by analysing a public dataset from scratch.

Week 1

Data Munging

The nitty-gritty of data analysis: this chapter teaches you how to load, clean, and manipulate basic datasets in python.

Week 2

Data Exploration

Beyond tables: learn how to extract and communicate key insights from time-series, text, and image datasets.

Week 3

Unsupervised Learning

Analytical power-up: this chapter adds clustering, dimensionality reduction, and anomaly detection to your data analysis techniques.

Week 4

Supervised Learning

Moving past data summaries: this chapter introduces predictive models to solve fundamental machine learning tasks.

Week 5

Advanced Supervised Learning

Taming the beast: this chapter shows how build accurate and effective machine learning models.

Week 6

Final project

This chapter tests your skills on a public dataset by completing an exploratory data analysis report, and training at least one Machine Learning model.

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Camille, Lead Teacher

Meet Your Teacher

Camille Van Hoffelen has worked as a Machine Learning Engineer for the last 7 years (Seal, DocuSign...), with a focus on large scale Natural Language Processing systems.

He graduated with an MSci in Physics from Imperial College London, before catching the data science bug and diving into legal AI with Seal Software, later acquired by Docusign.

He was a lecturer in Machine Learning at Ilia State University, and remains an avid presenter at meetups and hackathons around Europe.

He is currently the CTO & Co-founder of Watergenics, where he strives to build a sustainable future for our blue Planet by augmenting water quality sensors with AI.

Meet the Alumni & Teachers

Alumni, students & teachers are the heartbeat of our community. The graduates have become data scientists, machine learning engineers, full-stack developers and CTO of startups.

Data Science

Meet the team: Camille Van Hoffelen, lead teacher of the bootcamp

Read Camille’s story of how he started his career by catching the data science bug and diving into legal Ai, became CTO of Watergenics to create water data platform for the planet, and now lead teacher of the Data Science bootcamp at Jungle Program.

Gautier Roquancourt

Gautier Roquancourt

April 23, 2021

Alumni story: Negar Vahid, machine learning engineer & founder of Elaratech
Data Science

Alumni story: Negar Vahid, machine learning engineer & founder of Elaratech

Read Negar’s story of how she started off her career as a back-end developer in Georgia, became interested in Data Science & Machine Learning Engineering, and recently launched her company to enforce machine learning into mobile applications.

Gautier Roquancourt

Gautier Roquancourt

April 23, 2021

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